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The Finest Thread

A Poetic Love Story

I've loved you since time began,

And my love for you will never end.

Across the centuries, 

Across the seas, the skies above,

And so you are my endless love.

           My Love For You © 2012


Coming  Fall 2023!

Give me messy,

Wild and fast, 

Even though I know,

It may not last.


Sweeping vistas,

Brilliant greens,

Deep blue oceans,

Red hot dreams.


And when it's all over,

I'll come skidding in,

Knowing for sure,

I'd do it all again.

Skidding In © 2017

All of This

Poetry For Real

An emotional, deeply felt celebration of a mother's love as she moves through becoming a mother, losing her precious sons to a custody battle, and finally reuniting with them.

Raw, sassy, snarky and bold, this collection doesn't hold back. It covers everything from politics to addiction, love to broken love, existence to friendship.


Poetry Performed

Good Company
I Dare You
Skidding In
The Divine Feminine
Second Chances
My Love For You
Our Greatest Afflicton

Our Greatest Affliction Performed in the forest in Pine Mountain Club, CA 2018

Opting Out performed on stage at Basecamp in Pine Mountain Club, CA 2015

Opting Out
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