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My life has been hard,

Full of pain and tragedy.

But taking second chances,

Is just not for me.


We are all a brilliance of colors,

A kaleidoscope colored sea.

From all of our joys,

As well as our tragedies.

The trick is knowing,

What most of us never get,

That we are all a type of perfection,

That leaves no room for regret.                                                 


Second Chances © 2012 EFC


I wrote this poem one day after wondering what kind of woman I would be if I hadn't experienced so much tragedy and difficulty.  I asked myself what I would change if I could go back in time.


Suddenly I realized that I wouldn't change any of it, even those chapters that were devastating and life-altering.   We don't grow during the smooth times, we grow when we have to scratch and claw our way out of the devastating, heart-wrenching, bad times.


I am a mother of two beautiful sons, a daughter to a mother who has been my beacon of light, and a woman who has been blessed with some lifelong, extraordinary friends.  I am deeply connected to nature and music is more important to me than food.

I don't write the poetry you find here, the poems seem instead to choose me whenever they feel it's time.  My best work usually comes to me during a deep sleep and shakes me to my core.  Then I know I've created something worthwhile that will profoundly affect others.

My life's goal is to reach my highest state of grace and leave this world just a little bit better through my brief flash of a moment that has been my life.

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