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The Fentanyl Warrior

How I Got Off And Stayed Off Opiates  

(Publication Date: March 29, 2019)


Part memoir, part exploration of the addicted brain, and part field guide, this heartfelt and honest story chronicles the 30-year journey of an American woman

who finally had enough of living addicted

to doctor-prescribed opiates.

Christensen found a path out of the black abyss and became a warrior...for good.

If you need this book and cannot afford it,

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Raising Boys to Be Honorable Men

Love Letters on Life to My Sons  

(Publication Date: March 21, 2020)


Raising Boys to Be Honorable Men is a wise, heartfelt collection of letters written to my two adolescent sons on such topics as peer pressure, honoring our commitments, picking our battles, speaking the truth, and many more.

Under each topic, I offer guidance to young people to help them successfully navigate through decisions that will help build their self-respect and strength of character.

Raising Boys is a valuable compass for adolescent boys and girls alike.

Reviews Of Raising boys to be honorable men
Drew Synder.png
Drew Snyder
American Actor/Father

Reading Raising Boys To Be Honorable Men by Elisa Christensen was like peeking into the hearts and minds of boys who were becoming young men.

The amazing thing about this piece of writing is the clarity and love that runs throughout the chapters in dealing with life's problems that every human being will encounter.

Her profound suggestions throughout this book of love and kindness make the world a better place to grow up in.

Journey on. Neeko and Cruze!

Bill Lewis.jpg
Bill Lewis II
Retired Police Sergeant/Father

We all can avail ourselves to a little outside perspective from time to time as parents.  Elisa’s book provides another perspective as thoughtful guidance and heartfelt advice to her sons through letters that can be shared with “your sons” and others if you believe in and practice positive parenting.  


More importantly, Elisa didn’t just write these letters and hope for the best, she continually teaches and reinforces these ideals and principles with her sons as part of her everyday parenting to better prepare them to be honorable young men.


 This book actually goes beyond the lessons for effective parenting and could be considered essential reference material in preparing for a good life in general.

Alene Litton
Speech Therapist/Mother

Sometimes we are reminded of a simple but deeply held belief that we got from a parent.  At the time, our parent may not have even realized that they were passing along an important life message. 


This book, however, leaves nothing to chance.  In a beautiful concise format, core life concepts are presented.  What a wonderful way to start and continue a discussion with your sons.  Issues as important as these should not be left to chance. 


Read it together or read it yourself as a starting place for those conversations.   They say our kids don’t come with a “how-to” manual, but for adolescent sons, this is as close as it gets.

Rosalee Maggio.png


Marvelous book!  A compendium of advice people of any age could benefit from!

Rosalee Maggio
American Author/Mother
Raising Boys Reviews Amazon.png

The Finest Thread

A Poetic Love Story 

(Publication Date: July 21, 2020)


The Finest Thread is a story of heartbreak and redemption, the ultimate pain and the sweetest of joys.

American poet Elisa Christensen chronicles her emotions through the celebrated birth of her two sons, and ultimately her greatest heartache: losing them to a long, brutal custody battle.

Finally, after six years they are reunited, and the joy and peace of a mother's heart is realized once again.

A poignant collection of poems that bears a true love story directly from the inner chambers of a mother's heart.

ReviewS of the finest thread
Finest Thread review.png

The Teen Warrior

Raising Addiction-Resistant Kids

(Publication Date: December 22, 2020)

Teen Warrior Cover New 2.png

Even in the era of “just say no to drugs,” the United States still swims in teen and young adult addiction and the tragedies that ensue. What can parents of today’s adolescents do to make their children less at risk?


Christensen lays out a clear, practical and achievable way to navigate our children through adolescence, making them more resistant to addiction, an approach she is successfully applying in real time with her own two sons.


Most importantly, Christensen asks her millennials in recovery one simple, direct question: “What could your parents have done differently to have helped you avoid ever trying drugs or alcohol?” Their answers will leave you speechless.

FW Review AMAZON.png

The Far Away 

(Publication Date: May 1st, 2021))

Far Away Cover Final Final 2.jpg

From a remote village in The Congo, a wealthy villa in Tehran,m and the colorful courthouses of New Orleans, five extraordinary women's lives are interwoven as they must face the most heart-wrenching of circumstances.


What arises from these seemingly insurmountable tragedies is a unique bond between them, for they share a heroism and tenacity that could only be created from the purest of loves: that which a mother has for her child.

Reviews of the far away
Far Away reviews.png
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