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From Victim To Warrior:

Creating a life that we don't need to numb out to.

Run Time: 4 minutes



Elisa spoke about her book "The Fentanyl Warrior" at Adventure Ink Bookstore on November 9.  She held a full house of attendees spellbound during the entire presentation. Rarely have I seen a public speaker captivate an audience the way Elisa did.  Her passion, honesty, and emotion led to a rewarding and informative experience for everyone who had the good fortune to learn about her experiences and her battle with opioids.                         

                                                        ~BILL GRANEY, OWNER, ADVENTURE INK, PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB, CA

I had the pleasure of attending Elisa Christensen's talk on her book, "The Fentanyl Warrior". I was pleasantly surprised by her positive vibes and true conviction to help others get straight too. She recited her poem, "Our Greatest Affliction" that she wrote during her detox.  It was powerful, beautiful and haunting! Her stage presence was honest and I felt she was born to do this.



Elisa's very insightful and poetic introduction to drug addiction, and her path out of it, is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling to find the reasons and causes of their addiction. It also helps the people affected by the addict in their lives and help understand they are not in control - it's best left to the person who is addicted to find their own way out. I believe that sharing this book with others will provide hope for the addict or loved ones.


Feedback from students at Michigan State University on Ms. Christensen's presentation as a guest speaker in Dr. Susan De Gaia's class on Death and Dying, section on Self Harm as it relates to addiction:

From Hannah to All Participants:
Great speaker and stories! Thank you so much!

From Corrin to All Participants:
Really inspiring, makes me want to work on myself even more.

From Evan to All Participants:
Thank you very much for an amazing lesson!

From Nicholas to All Participants:
That was great to listen to.

From Evan to All Participants:
Thank you very much for an amazing lesson!

From Emily to All Participants:
Come back!




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Tel: 805-229-1159

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