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You just never know what 

fantastical moment... awaiting you around the next corner.

Because the warrior life isn't just for thugs.

I am an American author, poet and public speaker who has been through some real life challenges and come out on the bright side with a huge amount of gratitude, love and passion. My hope is that my life's message of tenacity and courage inspires others to become warriors in their own life stories.


Despite breaking my fifth lumbar in a skateboarding accident during adolescence, I went on to become a triathlete, entrepreneur, wife and mother and solo world traveler. Yet my biggest victory took place in 2017, when I fought my way out of a 30-year dependence on doctor-prescribed opiates. I have since gone on to write eight books, all focused on approaching life with crazy courage and deep gratitude.

In the end, I found out that it's the storms in the middle of the night that turn us into skilled sailors,

not the pretty seas at sunset.

I write books on finding the strength within ourselves that we may not immediately realize we have.

I inspire others to give up victimhood and become warriors in their own life stories.

Through my own life, I show others that it is never too late to accomplish the impossible, against all odds, and live the life of our dreams.

Because if I can do it, so can you.

I want to live knowing there's more, something grand.

I want to construct this life from my gut, 

And every day take a stand.



For all of us, for this land.

For true love, for kindness, for our children, 

For me and you.

For this earth, for these creatures, for justice, 

For what's true.

From "Chiseled" © 2012



Give me messy,

Wild and fast, 

Even though I know,

It may not last.


Sweeping vistas,

Brilliant greens,

Deep blue oceans,

Red hot dreams...

Poetry Performance Reviews

Kenni Bellini

"I knew Elisa was a great story writer after reading two of her books. Now she just blasted out a book of poetry? Not only is Elisa’s poetry moving, both the book and images were electrifying. Don't miss the chance to see her perform it!

Teresa Mammana

"This is not just poetry, it is unabashed can’t help but feel your own soul ride the waves of emotions….ALL of them! Sit back, relax and take the journey. You'll come out better on the other side."

Jeremy Borum

"When Elisa animates her poetry each carefully crafted word becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your emotions. It's an immersive experience, an illuminated journey through the heart's labyrinth." 

Jean Callisa

"I enjoy poetry but it's never been my thing. Yet the way Elisa writes and performs hers is very engaging and just delightful."

F. Mark

"I thought she'd be reading poems about her vagina and I'd exit at my first chance. Turns out her poetry is really great! I ended up staying for the whole thing and really enjoyed it. "

Gisa Seeholzer

Another wonderful author event at the the bigfoot café & Adventure Ink with the very talented Elisa Fortise Christensen. Once again, Charlotte got to experience the beauty of listening to a local female author. This time we got to sit and hear Elisa's poetry. Our favorite poem of the night was, "Opting Out."  It was a wonderful night and we look forward to more author events in the future. 

Mark Bell

In 1855, Walt Whitman said:  “I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world." Think of his craft, his exuberance, and why is he using sounds like this? Why indeed - because the words were his tools and the source of his power. 
Now before us, we have Elisa. Trapped for a time in the basement of feeling, knowing pain much beyond what I have known. And now - what comes out? Anger? Resentment?
No. The clouds part. 
And she builds on that love and confidence that carried her through. To today - before us, reading the new words - it is the path of heart and we feel that love. The confidence! The surprise, and all the way to Joy - is it now Elisa at the roofs of the world? Poetry? We hear, and we are touched by that love. And touched by that confidence.



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