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"We just never know what
fantastical thing is awaiting us around the next corner." 


Elisa Fortise Christensen is a charismatic author, poet, and public speaker on the subjects of parenting and addiction. She helps guide others away from victimhood to living the life of a warrior through her own personal journey.

She writes and performs her poetry around California and writes fiction to critical acclaim.


She is available for author talks throughout the United States and Canada.

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I want to live knowing there's more, something grand.

I want to construct this life from my gut, 

And every day take a stand.



For all of us, for this land.

For true love, for kindness, for our children, 

For me and you.

For this earth, for these creatures, for justice, 

For what's true.

From "Chiseled" © 2012

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