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WARNING: This is an adult-only article and is intended for an audience 18-years-old or order. Please do not read if you are still a youngin’.

I’m not quite sure how this trend ever started, but it needs to be addressed.

It is the d*#k pic. As in a photograph of the male phallus.

I have discussed this unnerving trend with multiple women from all walks of life over the years, and the consensus is clear: we do not like d*#k pics!

Let me repeat that:

We women do NOT like it when you men send us photographs of your members.

Now, I’m sure there are exceptions, but I have not found any. So therefore, I am writing this public service announcement on behalf of the majority of women who would agree: this trend is distasteful, unnerving and just downright unwanted.

Herein lies the problem that most men find “hard” to understand: We women are, by nature, not as visually sexually stimulated as you men.

Think about it. When was the last time you caught a woman staring at your crotch area to which you had to say, “Eyes up here, girl!” And how many times (a day) do we women need to redirect the eyes of a male away from our bodies?

Let me break it down.

Since you don’t have the luxury of witnessing the actual reactions we women have when we receive a photo of your excited body part on our phones, here’s how it goes.

“(Explicative!!!) I cannot BELIEVE he just sent this! Really?1?! Hey, girlfriend, you won’t believe it! So-and-so just sent me a d*#k pic!”

Girlfriend’s response: “YUCK! I believe it! What an idiot!”

This exchange is often followed by laughter.

Then the offending photo is promptly deleted. (After all, do think we want our kids, nieces or nephews to find it on our phones? NO!!!)

Now I understand how you men could have gotten this major difference in us confused. I understand that for you, there would be nothing better than if we regularly sent you off a photo of our private parts.

That does not mean it works both ways!

Let’s examine the facts:

1) Women aren’t as visually stimulated as men are.

2) Female genitalia resemble a flower.

3) Male genitalia resemble a swollen sausage or a strange, scary sea creature.

Case in point:

4) D*#k pics do not turn us on.

5) We immediately question why it is that this particular photo is something you really think will impress us. After all, you should know by now that whatever extraordinary beauty or size you attribute to your member, it has no consequence to us.

Because...focus now...

If you don’t know how to romance us and use it correctly once we get intimate with you, we don’t care how pretty it is!

Do you want to send us pic that will impress us? Try something like this one:

(Paraplegic groom gets held up by groomsmen so he can kiss his bride.)

So there you have it, men. Don’t do it. Resist the urge. Send us something that shows us who you are, not how excited you are.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

© 2018 Elisa Fortise Christensen

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