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Pine Mountain Club, CA: A Journey Back In Time

I’ve often thought about earlier times in our history as Californians. I lament for an era that existed well before I did.

A time when nature was relatively undisturbed, not so tainted by man’s intrusion.

Where scrub jays’ scratchy caws filled the air over horn honks and construction noise.

Where wildlife paw prints could still be seen on dirt paths, not just graffiti on concrete walls.

Where the local news boasted bear and deer sightings over drive-by shootings.

Where the most vivid colors could be found on flowering hillsides as apposed to billboards.

Where the evening’s commute consisted of four cars, not 4 million.

Where your neighbors actually volunteered to help you in your time of need with joy instead of expectation of a payback.

Where your biggest worry sending your kids to school each day was if they would be warm enough playing outside, not if there would be a school shooting.

Where you only had two choices of milk or toilet paper at the local market instead of dozens.

Where a night on the town meant you knew just about everyone you ran into, as apposed to being surrounded by people you will never meet.

Where a snow day meant the whole community celebrates with a day off, not a day of traffic jams, accidents and complaining.

Where a trip to the store also meant a nice walk, not a snarl in an hour’s worth of traffic.

Where securing your home upon leaving meant closing the door, not dead-bolting it and setting an alarm.

Where people you run into actually know your passion and your art and ask you about what you’ve created recently.

Where our natural world is still apparent and dominant.

Where you actually get to regularly see someone you know, and like, at the post office.

Where the change of seasons makes you lament for the one that’s passed and celebrate the one that’s arrived.

This is Pine Mountain Club for me. A step back in time to simpler days. A place that reminds me of what’s truly important. A place I feel I belong, not just because of the environment, but because of the people. A place of rugged beauty and simplicity. Of love and encouragement. Of peace and joy. A slower pace, a richer community and a gift to all fortunate enough to call this home.

© 2018 Elisa Fortise Christensen

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